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Laparoscopic Surgery is also called as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) or Keyhole Surgery. It is a modern surgical technique in which pain and hemorrhaging are reduced due to smaller incisions and recovery times are shorter.

Laparoscopic Surgery includes operations within the abdominal or pelvic cavities, appendectomy (appendix), cholecystectomy (gall bladder), hernia, hysterectomy (uterus), Obesity (bariatric surgeries), diagnostic laparoscopy, intestine related surgeries whereas keyhole surgery performed on the thoracic or chest cavity is called thoracoscopic surgery.

 Which operations are possible by Laparoscopy?


In a conventional or open operation the surgeon cuts open the area of body where there is a problem and if the problem were extensive the cut on the tummy would also extend. Infact earlier the saying was



In laparoscopy a small cut of sizes 1.7mm/5mm/10mm (Depending on the size of telescope to be used) is taken through navel; and abdomen is entered either under direct vision or with a needle. Normally the tummy is flat and there is no real space inside to work hence to create space for working; CO2 gas is insufflated thro a sophisticated machine at a preset pressure. Then a telescope of is introduced into the abdomen through the navel. The telescope is connected to Endocamera, the other end of which is connected to Monitor or a TV.A powerful light source is connected to the telescope so that there is light inside for us to see.


For diagnostic laparoscopy this much is sufficient. Infact for diagnosing abdominal problems in critical patients; in ICU, needloscopy (the size of telescope 1.7mm) is used, that too under Local Anaesthesia; as General Anaesthesia can be dangerous for these critically ill patients. In case some operation is required then 5mm or 10 mm telescope is required. Additional cuts of 5mm or 10mm are taken on abdomen to introduce additional instruments and operation is performed by the team looking at the Monitor, as the camera is the eye of the team, much like a video game if I may say so in common mans language. So now the saying is



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